More about our channel management services

Build your channel pipeline

Understanding your business, we will take you through a process to help you build your strategic partner profile criteria, your value proposition and lead generation approach. We can also help you set up the systems, recruitment processes and validation checks and communications to recruit and manage your pipeline. If required, we can also help initially build your partner network.


Onboard and align

When bringing new channel partners into your network, you want them to feel as if they are are supported by your business. It is important to ensure that they understand about your business, how you will work with them, your expectations in terms of delivering or selling your services/products. We can help you develop an ‘onboarding pack ‘ which can then be used and extended for other channel partners coming on board.


Manage performance

In order for you to focus on your top performing strategic partners and develop the potential top performers within your network, you need to have clear insight in terms of how they are contributing towards your business and how they are delivering your services/products to their end users.


It is  important to establish the key performance criteria within your network and regularly appraise and coach your partners to ensure they deliver a quality service and are generating revenue for you. We can help you establish the key criteria and develop a system that helps you review your partner performance.


Channel partner portal

A cost-effective way of keeping your partners motivated is to provide regularly updates, sales and marketing support materials and engagement guidelines and templates.  We can help you establish a portal framework such as a wiki, define and help generate the content and populate with the required documents to ensure there is a consistency in delivery of service. 

Engage and support

Communicating with your channel  network on a regular basis is key to ensure that they are motivated, deliver your services/product as an extension of your brand and deliver value to your clients. It is important to provide sales and marketing campaigns that support them , solicit their feedback and incentivise them to work with you.

We can assist in helping you establish events, webinars, surveys to support your associate network.


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