Susanna Mieskonen

Business Support Manager, Intuitus Limited

I worked for Maria for three years within the business support function of a technology advisory company. 

At my initial interview, Maria saw potential in me to grow and develop in the role, even though my previous experience wasn't directly related to this specific industry. My knowledge of the technology sector and understanding of the business model grew quickly due to Maria's efforts, and her continuous support over the years played a big part in my own career development within the company. 

During my time working with Maria she built a large network of expert consultants and played a key role in implementing new processes and systems to enable growth within the company. Both of which are a credit to her ability to build strong relationships and her dedication to improve and enhance different parts of the business.

I believe that the vast experience and expertise Maria has gained from working in different business environments are evident in her approach to her work. She has a keen eye for recognising opportunities for growth and development in the individual as well as in the company and the tools for nurturing these. Maria was an invaluable mentor for me and an absolute joy to work with.

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