Morna Simpson

Programme Director

Maria Hamilton has been a great asset to the Girl Geek Scotland team since she started volunteering just after Christmas 2016. GGS is entirely voluntary and individuals squeeze teamwork around their busy day jobs. 

 Since joining Maria has run the very successful NLP workshop at our mentoring event “Sticky Floors” in early February. This hands-on workshop focussed on opening your mindset to opportunity, and was well received by the community. 

 She is led the organisation of our "Breaking the Glass Ceiling” earlier this year. As part of this event Maria has met with partners to gather case study materials and ensure the learning we provide is on target and in scope, as well as effectively delegating to a talented pool of volunteers.

 This has been extremely well organised event, with regular meetings that ensure our partners, team members, case study participants, and wider GGS community have clear communications and understand their responsibilities and commitments. In doing this she has helped GGS raise the bar and ensures our reputation as a tiny voluntary organisation with world-class educational events.


Morna Simpson, Programme Director of Girl Geek Scotland

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