Growth 'Health Check' Review

If you need an objective review of  your business development activities or you just dont have the internal resources/time to carry out specific business development/marketing initiatives. 


Key questions we ask when working with you are : 


Is your business plan, strategy, activities and resources aligned to your business goals ?
Are your products/services positioned to your customer needs and communicated effectively ?
Are you scaling your business effectively ?

Working closely with your team and key stakeholders , using our 'Health Check review' methodology, we spend time with you to understand your business , your pains and challenges and review relevant business planning and strategy documents.

We provide a ‘health check’ report detailing our insight and recommendations, which are prioritised, costed and actionable.

Key Benefits 

  • Provides an objective view of the risks and barriers to growth

  • Ensures alignment to the business goals

  • Clearly defined action plan and focus for team

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