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NLP coaching - how it works?

What underpins NLP is the belief that we all have the inner resources to make the changes we seek. There are a number of processes (developed from leading therapeutic practises) that enable us to tap into our inner resources (with some help...), and the change can be effective and rapid.  To find out more about my own journey of self discovery - click here 

​After building rapport and trust with the client, I guide a them through a variety of different exercises to come up with their own solutions. Sometimes this is working at a deep level, without the client having to explain their issues in detail. The exercises involve working with our senses (Visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) and can be quite dynamic, sometimes working with representational objects, drawing, walking outside or moving around in a room. Having got to know what works well for my client, I mix a variety of techniques to help them get the most out of their sessions. I also like them to reflect on the work so we can check on progress at the next session.

What I like about NLP is that it can get to the root of a problem very quickly and address issues rapidly. Not everyone is comfortable to open up their inner most ‘stuff,’ sometimes we even don’t how to communicate our innermost feelings and in reality, the practitioner doesn’t need to know it anyway!

Although some NLP techniques could be done over Skype, I prefer working face-to-face with clients.

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